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3 Benefits of Installing Security Cameras At Your Home And Business

Security cameras and closed circuit TV systems are helpful security tools for both your home and your business. The presence of security cameras alone is enough to deter many would-be burglars. There are additional uses beyond scare tactics also. Here are a few of the benefits of implementing security cameras as part of your home or business's protection.

  • Evidence

Modern security cameras record in high definition, which means you're able to capture every detail clearly and use it as evidence in the event of a break-in or other incident. They're also able to capture audio, which proves to be useful in many cases. For example, at your business, you may capture inappropriate conversations between employees or evidence of harrassment.

  • Insurance

The footage captured by your security cameras doesn't have to be used in court to be valuable. Footage captured of an incident at your home is typically enough to validate insurance claims. In fact, just the act of installing cameras on your property is enough to lower insurance premiums. In many cases, the lower premiums mean the security cameras pay for themselves over just a few months.

  • Combine with alarm system

There aren't many business who install security cameras without an alarm system, but some homeowners will. Security systems and cameras go well together, however. Not only do both help to deter thieves from ever attempting to break-in, but they also help each other operate. For example, when an alarm sounds, it could startle a burglar into doing something to give themselves away. Without cameras, you could miss this vital piece of evidence. Similarly, even if an alarm is cut or subverted, your cameras will stay active and capture the crime, which gives you a better chance of recovering stolen goods and catching the culprits.

Having security cameras in place won't erase the possibility of break-ins to your home or business, but they are valuable both before and after a break-in. At Holder's Security in Tulsa, we'll help evaluate your needs and match you with the security system and tools that will serve you best. Stop by and see us at 7027 E 40th Street or give us a call at 918-663-8660.