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Think Like A Burglar To Avoid Break-ins

There are plenty of tools, services and tricks to use to better secure your home. Perhaps the most effective way, however, is to start by thinking like a burglar. Carefully assessing weakpoints in your home's security by trying to break in yourself is often a productive exercise. For more in-depth advice, the San Diego Police Department put together some tips gleaned from interviews with convicted burglars. Here's some insight into how a burglar thinks and how that should dictate your home's security. 

  • A burglar won't be obvious

?Many of us expect to be able to spot suspicious activity in our neighborhood, but most burglars use clever tactics to disguise themselves and blend in. For example, a criminal may walk the streets of your neighborhood with a clipboard in his hand or wearing the uniform of a cable company or lawn company. Most people will not think twice about someone walking from house to house if they look like they're working. This also gives a burglar an excuse if anyone does stop to ask what he's doing. 

  • A burglar may look familiar

?In many home break-ins, the homeowner will have seen the burglar before. Usually, a break-in isn't a spur of the moment decision. Instead, the target has often been scouted for days or weeks to find out what valuables are inside, what weaknesses exist in security and when the home is often empty. A burglar may have come to your door asking for directions, or you may have seen them walking around your neighborhood. There are even some cases where a burglar is someone who recently did some work at your home. They may have mowed your lawn, cleaned your carpets or delivered a large item. This allowed them to get a close look at what's inside your home and where they can get in while you're out. 

  • A burglar is deterred by noise

?There are a variety of ways to discourage a burglar from attempting to break into your home. Noise is among the best of them. A loud, barking dog, even one that isn't large or aggressive, causes most burglars to move on to the next house. This is because a barking dog usually attracts attention and makes a break in more difficult. Similarly, a loud TV or radio makes burglars think twice. These create uncertainty over whether the home is empty or not. Burglars also won't use tactics to break into your home if they make too much noise. For example, if they need to kick, hammer or drill on doors or locks, they're likely to avoid your home. But, breaking a window is acceptable because it's a one-time noise that isn't likely to be investigated by neighbors. 

There are a number of ways that a potential burglar will try to investigate your home and figure out your schedule and habits. Staying vigilant is important and so too is having effective security measures in place. 

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