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Remain Confident of Your Safety & Security When You Move ( +video )

The summer is a popular time for buying and selling houses and moving for many families. For security when you move, please take proper precautions. Otherwise, a new home can be vulnerable to criminals. These simple tips will help keep your family and possessions safe.

  • Change the locks

1 – This should be the first thing you do to maintain security when you move into a previously-owned home. But, many homeowners never think of it. The previous owners may be trustworthy, but you have no way of knowing who they've given a key out to in the past.

Many people give a key out to workmen who are doing repairs on their home and forget to get it back. When you move into the home, you have no way of tracking that person down if they decide to come by while you're out.

The safest option is to change the locks immediately. This is also an opportunity to improve the security of your doors by installing deadbolts and more secure features.

  • Research the neighborhood

2 – For most, this is done during the home buying process, but it doesn't hurt to continue to look into the area your new home is located in. You'll want to know where local police and fire stations are located and other safe places to go when there's danger.

Knowing crime statistics for the area can also be helpful in understanding which areas aren't safe to visit after dark. A big part of staying safe and secure is knowing your surroundings and avoiding risky situations.


  • Yardwork

3 – After a hard day of moving and unpacking boxes, no one wants to go out and cut the grass and trim the bushes, but it's a necessary job. Homes with long grass and overgrown bushes or trees look unlived in.

That means a burglar may think you're on vacation, or that a house is vacant. That invites them to come investigate, which could lead to many bad scenarios.

Since your house likely was vacant for a time during the buying process, it's important to do some yardwork immediately to let anyone walking by know that you've moved in and are at home.

  • Install an alarm

4 – If the home you recently purchased doesn't already have a home security system, take this chance to put one in.

Not only will you gain better security for your home and family, but you'll also save on your home insurance. Since you won't be living in your home right away, you can even have an alarm installed before you move in to make it more convenient.

BONUS tip: Make friends for security when you move

5 – Get to know your neighbors! More friends means more security!

When you and your neighbors notice each other, that means that you see what’s happening on each other’s property. This depends in part on sincerity. Please approach your neighbors with genuine respect.

At Holder's Security, we offer a variety of security tools and services to help maintain your security when you move.

Whether you're moving into a new home or just want to improve the security at your current home, give us a call at (918) 663-8660 or stop by and see us.

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