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4 Commercial Security Tips For Your Business

Security for your home and security for you business share some common space. But, there also a number of differences. In particular, since many businesses sit empty every night, you need to put provisions in place that protect your inventory and facilities while you're away. Here are 4 commercial security tips for your business.

  • Proper Lighting

Whether your business is empty at night or not, it's important to install proper lighting to keep employees safe and decrease the likelihood of a break-in. Start with lights you can leave on inside your business. That makes it easier for those passing by to see if there is something suspicious going on. Then, add in lighting around each entry point and lighting throughout your parking lot.

This way, burglars have to break-in to well-lit areas and employees walking to their car can see any danger coming. This is also helpful if you have security cameras installed since they'll be able to clearly record any activity.

Lighting is part of “Three-S Security Planning”

  • Access Control

Traditional locks can be used to secure doors, but there are some advantages to upgrading to an access control system. First and foremost, access control uses unique PINs or access cards to open doors, which means keys can't be stolen and duplicated and locks don't have to be changed when a key is lost or an employee leaves. The other benefit is robust reporting.

You can keep a log of each time each employee enters the facility and each time they leave. This way, you can easily track attendance and have a log of who was in the building at certain times. This comes in handy if there's an incident or emergency.

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  • Alarm System

Having an alarm system installed at your business is a no-brainer, but it's not just protection against burglary. In addition to being alerted to any break-ins, we can set up your system to also alert you to smoke and fire and flooding.

Intelligent systems can even arm themselves when an employee forgets and can be monitored remotely from your smartphone.

Your fellow business persons near your location can be a big help. Develop strong relationships with them, and ask for their ideas about commercial security tips for your business

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  • Safes

A safe is another must have for most businesses. Choosing the right safe for your business can be tricky, however. For example, some safes offer fire protection, which is certainly valuable for a business who may keep important financial records and documents as well as cash locked away. However, many fire safes aren't strong enough to hold up to brute force attacks.

You likely need a safe that's made to stand up to both, and you may even need one with additional intelligent features.

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