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Key Numbers About Home Burglaries In The US

There are a number of reasons why every home needs to have a monitored alarm system installed. Not only do alarm systems help protect your home and your family, but they also lower home insurance costs in many cases. Shockingly, a burglary in the US occurs four times per minute, which is the leading rate in the country. Having an alarm system in place greatly reduces the chances that your home will be a target. The Safewise blog put together a list of other valuable burglary statistics. Here are a few eye opening numbers. 

  • 30-percent

?About two-thirds of burglaries happen when a burglar gains access to your home through force. This would include breaking a window, kicking down a door or similar means of damaging an entry point in order to walk inside. That leaves about 30-percent of burglaries that are perpetrated without force. These would be examples of times when a door or window was left open or unlocked and a burglar was allowed to simply walk into a home. Unfortunately, forgetting to lock all entry points is a common occurence that burglars take advantage of. An alarm system provides a secondary level of protection in these scenarios, however. Even if a door is unlocked, as long as the alarm is set, it will sound when an intruder enters. 

  • 25-percent

?Once inside a home, most burglars first thought isn't to search for valuables. Instead, they often try to neutralize any threats like barking dogs or an alarm system. In the example of an alarm system, they don't necessarily have to know the disarm code to silence the alarm. About 25-percent of burglars have admitted to cutting phone wires or visible alarm wires either before entering a home or immediately after entering. A move to wireless alarm systems that connect to your smartphone has overcome the danger of cutting phone wires, but only a professional and careful installation will keep alarm wires hidden and unable to be cut by burglars. 

  • $2,185

?The cost of a basic alarm system is affordable for most families. In fact, with the discount on home insurance most companies offer, an alarm system almost pays for itself. Without an alarm, you're at a greater risk of a burglary and the FBI reports that the average dollar loss for burgaled homes in the US is $2,185. That could pay for many months of a monitored alarm. Plus, that doesn't factor in any priceless items that were stolen or damaged during the break-in, and the emotional cost burglaries take on individuals. 

  • 13-percent

?Once a thief invades your home and steals your property, there's little chance they'll be brought to justice or that your stolen items will be recovered. Police only clear about 13-percent of burglaries each year and it's even more rare that they recover property. If you want to keep your things, you have to protect your home before a break-in happens. 

  • 75-percent

?Nearly all former burglars participating in a recent study conducted by the University of North Carolina- Charlotte said they actively looked for the presence of an alarm in a home before trying to break-in. More than 75-percent admitted that if they knew a house had an alarm, they'd move on to a different target without trying to break-in at all. Even those that would still pursue a home with an alarm mostly stated they'd flee the home immediately when the alarm went off. While there's no physical barrier that keeps an intruder out of your home, an alarm system does prevent most individuals from even attempting a robbery. 

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