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Security Improvements For Your New Home

Moving into a new home brings a laundry list of headaches, chores and problems. What's often lost in the shuffle is an attention to home security. When you move into a new home, one of the first items on your to-do list should be to critique the home's current security level and make improvements. Here are a few simple options for improving home security. 

  • Secure doors

?You probably don't assess the security of exterior doors when you look at potential new homes, but once you've moved in, the doors should be the first place you look. A weak door or weak lock greatly reduce your ability to keep out intruders. Be sure to replace any weak doors with solid wood or metal core doors. If any exterior doors are lacking, add strong, highly rated deadbolts. About a third of break-ins occur through the front door. So taking some time to improve any door facing the outside is worth it. In addition to the door itself and the locks, carefully assess the hinges and frame and install a peephole. 

  • Meet the neighbors

?Not every part of home security is located within your home. Or even on your property. Meeting your neighbors is a great way to ensure that when something suspicious happens at your home, it's investigated or authorities are contacted. If you're close enough with neighbors, they can pick up your mail and newspaper when you're gone, keep an eye on your property and even call you when they see something out of the ordinary. If you don't get to know your neighbors, they may not pay attention to a stranger walking around your home or think it's strange to see your lights come on during a typical work day. 

  • Install lights

?Lighting is a crucial part of home security. Most burglars prefer to break into homes that are empty and where they can work without being seen from the street. When you have proper lighting installed outside your home and around every exterior entry point, it's next to impossible to break-in unseen, even at night. Lights with motion sensors are particularly effective because they can warn you and anyone else around that someone is approaching the house. Lights that only come on when the sun sets are also helpful because they ensure your home is never completely dark. Also, consider adding timers to lights inside your home to create the illusion that someone is home, even when you're away. 

  • Eliminate hiding places

?Lights aren't the only defense against burglars who want to conceal themselves. When you intially move into a home, the landscaping is likely lacking from a few weeks of neglect. Your first yardwork should be done to trim hedges, bushes and other vegetation around doors and windows that could provide a hiding place for intruders. Then, consider trimming tree branches that can grant access to upstairs windows or your roof. Without an obvious place to hide, a burglar will likely decide your house isn't worth the effort and move on. 

These simple steps immediately make your new home safer and more secure. If the house didn't come with an installed alarm system, come see us at Holder's Security. We can help you find an alarm system and other security tools that are right for you and install them professionally.