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How Long Will My Home’s Alarm System Last? [ NEW Video ]

If you have an older home security system, you may be wondering “How long will my home's alarm system last?” Before it’s not really protecting?

Is it time to replace it, rather than continuing to use something that's not effective, or will need frequent maintenance?

Similarly, if you're in the market for a new alarm system, you probably want to know how long you can expect it to last before you decide to buy. In most cases, alarm systems can last 20-years or more if they're installed correctly and properly maintained.

However, with advances in technology, your 20-year-old system may not have the features and capabilities you would want from a newer system. Call us at Holder's Security with your questions about alarm systems for your home or business. In the meantime, here's some additional information about how long you can expect your security system to last.

Frequent testing

• Whether your home security system is brand new, or was installed in the 90s, frequent testing and maintenance is important. While your security panel, sensors and other hardware should stay in working order for quite some time, functionality could break down for a variety of reasons.

You'll want to regularly check that power is being supplied to the system, particularly after storms or other events that could affect the power in your home. Testing stemming from your supplier is also important to ensure everything is not only in working order, but that response times are adequate in case of emergency.

Having a clear view of your security will help you understand how long your home’s alarm system will last.

Old versus New

• An older alarm system is typically wired through telephone service lines. If your home is already wired this way, this isn't a problem, except when phone lines are down. There are also additional benefits and features that modern security systems can offer that use wireless technology. Namely, wireless alarm systems mean there are no physical wires around your home that can be cut in order to disable the alarm.

These modern systems also allow for remote management features that allow users to turn on or off the alarm, lock doors, turn off lights and adjust the thermostat. It's features like these that convince many families to upgrade to a newer system.

Customized for you

• If your old alarm system isn't in proper working order, or doesn't have the features you'd like, installing a new alarm system is probably your best option.

  1. New “smart” features would make a big difference for you
  2. Your situation may have drastically changed since the original alarm was installed
  3. Because of kids growing up and changing lifestyle
  4. The addition of pets means more household traffic
  5. You’re buying a new home with an existing alarm system
  6. Installing a new system can help you customize security for your family's needs

We can help you choose the right features that maximize security and convenience.

When you're ready for a new security system for your home, call Holder's Security or stop by and see us. We'll design and install a system specifcally for your home and family. 

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