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Why Do Home Security Systems Fail?

The decision to add a security system to your home is a good one, but simply having one installed doesn't automatically make it effective. Your house doesn't instantly become more secure just because an alarm is present. Instead, it takes you and your family understanding how best to use the security system and the installer understanding your needs and how to customize the system. Unfortunately, these additional factors don't always come together and home's with alarm systems are often broken into. Here are the leading reasons why security systems fail. 

  • Human error

?A security system can be expertly installed with all the features you require to keep your home and your family safe, but still be useless if you don't know how to use it properly. Like forgetting to lock your doors, failing to arm the system when you leave the house leaves it powerless to alert authorities when a burglary is in progress. Similarly, if you don't know how to use certain features, what's the point of having them? After your system is installed, your first step is to learn how and when to use it. Ask questions and get proper training from the technician. If necessary, contact the installing company and ask for additional help. Write down notes and study if you have to, but be sure that you understand the ins and outs of your system. 

  • Inconvenience

?This goes along with not understanding how to use your alarm system, but rather than being unable to make it function properly, you may actively and knowingly leave it unarmed to avoid the inconvenience. Particularly for older alarms, they may be intentionally left off to avoid false alarms and other inconveniences. This renders these systems useless. You may decide not to arm your system at night to avoid setting it off on trips to the bathroom, or you may never set it because you have forgotten the code. In either case, a call to the installer can help you customize your system to allow you to use it the way you want. 

  • Customization

?Speaking of customizing your system, it's a step that is all to often forgotten. Failing to properly customize your security system not only makes it more inconvenient, but it also could make it less effective. For example, if you rarely use your front door as the main point of entry, your installer should know that in order to properly place the alarm panel. It's also important to discuss how you plan to use your system. Will you need to unlock doors and deactivate the system for children when they come home from school? Do you have pets that could potentially trigger the alarm? There are a number of factors that dictate not only how the system is installed, but what features comes with it. By going through this exercise, you'll ensure you have an alarm that works for you. 

These are the three leading causes of alarm failure. If you're going to invest in an alarm for your home, it's important that you also take care to choose an alarm company that provides quality service. 

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