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3 Common Problems That Cause Surveillance Systems To Fail  [ video ]

In many people's minds, surveillance systems are meant for commercial security in order to monitor customers and prevent thefts and break-ins. Security cameras can be a vital piece of your home's security too, however. There are millions* of home invasions each year in the US. Your surveillance system should avoid these common problems that cause surveillance systems to fail.

While alarm systems are a great way to deter criminals and alert authorities should someone break in, they don't record evidence of the crime. That's why having a surveillance system is a good idea. It could be the difference between losing your stuff and being able to find the culprit and recover it.

1- Improper installation

Can cause surveillance systems to fail

Like a home security system, a surveillance system requires professional installation to ensure it works when you need it. In most cases, you won't realize your system is set up wrong until it fails to record a break-in. That's why it's important to use a trusted installer from the beginning. Common issues are installing wireless cameras out of operation range, incorrect positioning, and failing to consider lighting. These are simple concerns for a professional, but common mistakes by a do-it-yourselfer.

2- Not enough cameras

Protect your property

Some believe that having a single camera at their front door will be enough to be effective. While it's true that burglars will take notice of this lone camera and move on to the next house, it's also likely that they'll find an alternate way in. Your home has many potential entry points. Cameras should be set up throughout to record criminal activity. A general, simple rule of thumb is that the larger the residence, the more cameras you need.


3- No integration

Connect your devices

Having the ability to watch a recording is an important aspect of a home surveillance system. But, it isn't the only required feature. In some cases, you may not know an intruder has been in your home, so you need an alert to tell you to go check the footage. Effective surveillance systems alert you when they capture something of interest, offer the ability to watch the feed from virtually anywhere, and integrate with other tools to create a complete system. Without these features, your security cameras will never be effective.

NOTES: * about 3.7 million burglaries/intrusions according to Bureau of Justice Statistics

BONUS: things that cause surveillance systems to fail

courtesy actsecurity.net

  1. Camera fails to record
    Just because you can see the live CCTV feed doesn’t mean that the system is recording. The issue can be as simple as not having the recording function turned on. Or, a more complicated failure. Double-check this to be sure you have video footage when you need it.
  2. Camera view is obstructed
    Although your cameras were set up properly, there is no guarantee they will stay that way. In Oklahoma, strong storms can cause branches or other debris to block your security cameras. Also, cameras can get bumped or moved, which could cause them to have a less than optimal view of the area you want to record.
  3. Communications failure
    Are your surveillance cameras communicating with the network and your security system? Electronic interference or signal strength can hinder your wireless communication system. Make sure your cameras are “talking” with the system or remote access point.


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