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Security Tips For You and Your Children

The primary reason for many homeowners to decide to install a security system is to protect their children. When children are present in the home, extra precautions are needed to ensure their safety. We offer a variety of tools and equipment designed to keep your family and your home safe from intruders. In addition to security equipment, education is also an important factor in the safety of children. Here are a few things all parents should know about home security for their children. 

  • 911 calls

?Ensuring that your kids know about calling 911 is the first step to ensuring their safety. Be sure there's a phone in the house they can reach and operate, then go over specific scenarios when they would need to call 911. It's also important to go over the conversation they're likely to have with the operator. This will include helping them memorize their address and phone number and be able to accurately describe the situation at your home. This type of education can start as soon as your child begins talking. Ideally, they'll never need to use it, but this knowledge will be extremely helpful. 

  • Strangers

?Most parents are quick to educate their children about the dangers that a stranger can pose. Too often, a stranger is not specifically defined, which leaves the potential for dangerous situations. Think about when and where your child may encounter a stranger and go over those scenarios in detail. For example, if your child may answer the door while you're busy elsewhere in the home, be sure they understand that the person at the door is a stranger and it's best not to answer at all. Proper phone education is also important because you don't want your child to answer the phone and give out information to whoever is on the other end of the line. 

  • Surveillance cameras

?Switching from education to equipment here, an effective surveillance system can be a parent's best security tool. While most of us think about surveillance systems as being for recording a criminal in and around your home, they can also be extremely beneficial for keeping an eye on your children. For young kids, you can monitor them as they sleep, or keep an eye on them in their playroom. When they're old enough to stay home alone, you can check in on them remotely on your smartphone by integrating your cameras into your security system. 

  • Home automation

?Speaking of using your smartphone with your security system, home automation is another great way to give your children some freedom without sacrificing security. Especially when your kids are a little older, home automation allows you to lock or unlock doors from virtually anywhere so kids are never locked out and never leave your house unlocked when they leave. You can also control lighting, the thermostat and even arm or deactivate the alarm. 

  • Communication

?Perhaps the best tool for home security for your family, however, is effective and open communication. It starts with properly communicating the dangers your kids are likely to encounter and educating them on how to avoid them. Then, it continues by convincing your children to talk to you about bad situations they've been in or bad choices they've made. Most kids will want to avoid these types of talks, so it's important for parents to make them understand that the conversation is about safety and not about a punishment. Effective communication also ensures that you know where your kids are and when they're expected to be home, which helps you know faster when something is wrong. 

If you'd like to learn more about effectively securing your home, come by and talk to us at Holder's Security. We have decades of experience with Tulsa area families and offer the latest in security tech to make the security at your home easy and effective.