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Where Does Your Home Need Security Cameras?

Surveillance systems can be an integral part of your home's security. In order for security cameras to be effective, however, they need to be professionally installed by technicians who understand how they work and where they're needed. These professionals will be able to recommend the best cameras for your needs and give you guidance on options like color or black and white cameras, high or standard definition, remote monitoring capabilities and more. Talk to us at Holder's Security for answers to your questions on any security equipment, including surveillance systems for your home. Here are some pointers for where cameras can do the most good. 

  • Entries and exits

?Home security typically begins at your front door because that's your home's main entry point. That's where most break-in attempts will start, and also where you'll want protection as you and your family enter and exit your home. It's vital to have security cameras positioned above your front door, or to the side to capture everyone who enters, exits and approaches your home. You should also have cameras similarly positioned for any other entrance and exit points, including the garage, backdoor and any side doors that lead from your home to the outside. These security cameras give you the best chance that no one gets into or out of your home without being caught on camera. 

  • High traffic areas

?Cameras at each typical entry point can't record a burglar who breaks in through a window, or another less expected spot. For these scenarios, indoor cameras are useful in high traffic areas like the living room or kitchen. These will capture thieves as they prowl around your home looking for valuables. If you have a room where high dollar equipment is stored, it would also be a good idea to include a camera there. Camreas in the areas of your home that are most often used by your family are also helpful to keep an eye on children or pets. 

  • Roofline

?In some cases, it's helpful to record activity happening around your property in addition to what happens inside your home or on your front porch. By installing cameras along your home's roofline, you'll be able to monitor activity along the sidewalk or street in front of your home. This could help you capture suspicious activity, including a burglar walking through your neighborhood casing houses. This could also allow you to capture a vehicle on camera used by a burglar. 

  • Outdoor buildings

?If you have detached buildings on your property like workshops, garages, greenhouses, guest houses or barnes, it's a good idea to equip these structures with security cameras. This helps to protect any equipment you may have stored in these areas, and also helps you monitor them. Any building that's detached from your home is hard to keep an eye on without actually going into it each day. This leaves an opportunity for someone to sneak in and use the building without your knowledge. Consider adding cameras above the main entrance of this structure, inside the structure, or both. 

If you have questions about how a surveillance system could benefit your home's security, contact us at Holder's Security by calling 918-663-8660.