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Danger of Every Cheap and Mass-Produced Door Lock?

The danger of a mass-produced door lock?

Identical locks are probably hanging right next to them. The next person who comes in may also be buying a key that would unlock your front door.

When you move into a new home, one of the first things you should do is get new locks for each exterior door. If one of your home's locks breaks, or a key is lost, it's also time to invest in new door locks.

But, where do you go to ensure the locks you're installing are safe and secure?

Do you know the risks associated with buying locks from a hardware store or box store? 

Keys to mass-produced door locks aren't unique

Burglars know this too, which could lead to a home intrusion where the front door is simply unlocked to allow a thief in.

Next time you're shopping for a lock, look at the other locks available and see how many have matching serial numbers. Those that do will be identical, and require the same key to unlock them all.

Lock companies do this so you can install the same lock at your house and have one key to unlock every door, but it introduces a significant hole in home security.

To avoid the possibility that there are other people walking around with keys to your doors, you have two choices. 

Solve problems with mass-produced door locks at Holder's Total Security

Take your locks to a locksmith

You can still buy the locks available at your local hardware store, or home improvement store, but don't install them as-is. Instead, take them to your local locksmith and have them rekeyed.

This way, you'll be getting a unique lock that doesn't match other locks sold by the store. At Holder's Security, we re-key locks every day for customers and can help you adequately secure your home. 

Invest in higher quality!

More secure than a mass-produced door lock

The best option, however, is to bypass mass-produced door locks altogether. Typically, locks you'd buy at your typical hardware store won't be as secure as those you'd buy directly from a locksmith or security shop.

At Holder's Security, we carry Medeco security locks, which require keys cut by special cutting machines. These locks are next to impossible to pick, and you'll never find anyone else carrying the same key. Additionally, Medeco locks are highly rated to withstand direct impacts and attacks. 

When it's time to replace the mass-produced door locks in your home, come see us at Holder's Security in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or call us at 918-663-8660.

photo by Nenad Maric from Pixabay

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