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Buying Safes Locally Puts You in Admirable Security Spotlight?

There are a variety of types of safes available to both home owners and business owners. If you are buying safes locally, you are far more likely to be pleased with the product.

Each safe offers a specific type of protection and has their pros and cons. At Holder's Security, we carry a large inventory of safes in a wide range of shapes, sizes and uses, and work with trusted suppliers like American Security to supply you with the exact safe to fit your needs.

Many safes are also available from other websites and online retailers, but buying them that way comes with a number of risks. Here's a few reasons why safes are best bought locally.

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  1. Fire resistance
  2. Burglary protection
  3. Water resistance
  4. What they cost
  5. Where to buy one
  6. Where to put it
  7. What else to keep in it
  8. What to stash in your safe

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Is this a real safe?

Buy safes locally to avoid deceptive ads

It sounds like an odd question, but many horror stories exist about a safe being delivered that doesn't live up to what was promised online. For example, if you're buying a home safe, you're likely interested in the fire rating.

But, when it's delivered, how do you know for certain that the safe you have can actually hold up to fire for an hour. If it doesn't, you risk losing your belongings that you've entrusted to your safe before the fire department arrives.

Other issues from online safes could be that your combination doesn't work, components fail, or it simply doesn't work the way it should. These are all issues that can be avoided by buying from a reputable safe dealer in Tulsa. Even if these issues do occur, you'll have a local company to come and fix them for you.

What about the warranty?

Protection after buying safes locally

Even a high quality safe from a trusted manufacturer and dealer could potentially have a problem. If you've purchased your safe online, what are your options? You can contact the company, but they'll most likely have to contract the work out to a local company for repairs.

That is if they pick up the phone. When you buy your safe locally, you can always walk back into the shop you bought it from. And, at Holder's Security, we're dedicated to making it right. We'll work with you to make good on warranty claims should one ever arise.

buying safes locally to avoid problems - Holder's Total Security

Who knows my combination?

That should be very secret

Have you ever considered how your safe's combination was initially set and by who? If you ordered your safe online and it comes with a combination already set, there's a good chance that a record exists tying that combination, to that safe, at your address. That's a significant flaw in security.

Should a data breach ever occur, your safe's combination and your address could be available to virtually anyone.

When you buy locally, the safe's combination will likely be set in front of you by a reliable, professional specialist. It's not written down or recorded so you're the only one who knows the combination. And, if there's ever a need to change it, you can simply call, or set it yourself with electronic keypads.

Buying safes locally for fast delivery?

Arrive on time for a reasonable fee

Many online safe retailers offer free delivery as an incentive to buy. Since larger safes can be heavy, this could be a significant savings. But, first consider what you're really getting from "free delivery". An online retailer is going to ship your safe the same way Amazon ships a package. It will arrive on your doorstep.

Then what? Heavy safes will then need to be hauled inside, and placed where you'd like them. Many times, they'll require additional installation like bolting them in. None of that is covered by "free delivery". When you buy your safe locally, it's delivered to you, which means our technicians place it where you want it to go inside your home and ensure any additional installation is handled before leaving the premises.

Whatever your safe needs, gun safes, fire safes, high security safes and more, come see us at Holder's Security. If we don't have the safe you need in stock, we'll help you work with the manufacturer to get it.

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