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4 of the Best Security Features for Your Home Security System

Whether or not you already have a home security system installed, it's a great idea to keep up on the latest and greatest features. By doing so, you can ensure that your existing alarm system is as effective as possible, or that when you are ready to install a burglar alarm, you get the latest features that make it a comprehensive security system that protects your home and family. Here's an overview of some of the best home security features currently available that we install for customers everyday at Holder's Security in Tulsa. 

Start with a home security foundation

Before you can get to some of the wilder, innovative alarm system features, you need to start with the basics. A security system for your home that you can monitor and manage from your phone is great, but not if you've left out some basic features that are vital to home security. Door sensors, motion detectors, and the alarm itself make a good starting place. You'll also want to take a critical eye to the control panel. This is where you'll be interacting with your alarm system the most so you want it to be intuitive and easy to use. 

Take home security wireless

Wireless alarm features have been around for years and the technology has been steadily improving. Now, home security systems can be installed with virtually no drilling and you don't even need a phone line to monitor it. That adds additional security to the system also because there are no conspicuous wires that can be cut to disable the alarm. It also introduces additional capabilities for remote monitoring directly from a tablet or smartphone. Plus, your smartphone will be alerted as soon as something goes wrong at home, which means you'll never have to wonder if your home is safe and secure. 

Add security cameras

In the past, a surveillance system was considered a security solution for a business more than a typical home. That is rapidly changing, however. Advances in surveillance technology coupled with improving wireless capabilities make home security cameras an effective part of any home's security. Homeowners can now receive full color, HD quality video feeds from cameras that can even be viewed remotely on any internet ready device. The look of security cameras has also progressed so they're smaller, and less noticeable. You can also add a DVR to record and archive footage for later use. A quick look through the local news provides evidence why home security cameras are becoming so popular. It seems every week there's a new story using a homeowner's security footage to help catch a suspicious character. 

Home Automation pairs with home security

One of the biggest advancements in home security systems is the option to add home automation. This means the ability to not only monitor your home remotely, but manage it. Turn on and off lights, lock or unlock doors, set the thermostat and dozens of other capabilities are possible through home automation. Having these features available may help you save money on energy bills, keep an eye on kids or pets, or just put your mind at ease that yes, you did close the garage door this morning. 

You can even integrate more additional security tools and equipment than ever before into your home security system. For example, integrate smoke detectors to alert authorities at the first signs of a fire, and alert your smartphone. Perhaps best of all, never worry about changing smoke alarm batteries again because they run off the power of your security system. 

To learn more about capabilities like these for your home alarm system, contact us at Holder's Security: 918-663-8660.