Protect your Home During your Holiday Vacation

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, many of us are preparing to travel to be closer to our loved ones and celebrate the season with them. When Burglaries are at their peak during the season, it causes apprehension within all of us. Here are some helpful tips to protect your home while you and your family are out of town.

Do not announce your vacation online.

With social media, when you announce to your friends and family where you are going, you are also informing the person who sees that as an opportunity to see the nice things you may have. If you want to let your friends and family know, it will be a better decision to give them a call instead of typing it on a computer to where everyone can see.

Temporarily cease incoming snail mail.

When we are not home to check the mail, we tend to have an abundance of mail upon returning. Having unattended mail is an indicator that lets others know you are not home. You can always call your local post office to have them stop delivering mail for the amount of time you will be away from home.

Do not stow away emergency keys.

The flower pot, underneath the doormat, the decorative rock or above the door, burglars know where the most common places to hide keys are. If someone needed to get inside of your house, It is better to give them a key for the time that you will not be available.

Leave Your lights on.

People make the mistake of keeping their lights off to save their electric bill, without the knowledge that it indicates nobody is home. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on your electric bill by keeping your lights on the whole time that you are away. There are some alarm systems like our Honeywell Total Connect Alarm Systems that have a feature where you can control your lights and set a schedule for your house lights to turn on and off.