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Block residential kick-in burglaries

Strong Home Security has many “layers” as possible to make your property a challenging target. For every degree of difficulty you add to the burglar’s task, the more likely he will look elsewhere for an easy target.

Key Door Devil features:

  • instantly upgrades standard residential doorways to the approximate strength of metal commercial doorways
  • able to withstand an estimated 2,000 lbs of force to the deadbolt side of the doorway
  • express purpose of stopping the common kick- in attack.
  • ordered by a U.S. Embassy to defend our personnel overseas

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Inherent limitations

“Security” is a common term to allow customers to find and describe products and services to improve home defenses. Due to the intense criminal focus, no security measure or device is 100% guaranteed to stop a determined criminal.

So, adding a Door Devil does not mean or imply that your home is 100% “secure.” It is not. Adding layers of defense such as Alarm Systems, Video Systems and Door Devils increases your ability to avoid being a target and repel an attack. However, these solutions – including Door Devils – are unable to guarantee the prevention of a crime.

Likewise, no one component can provide security; no single component addresses all vulnerabilities. Even if you address all the risks, a determined burglar may still able to succeed.

Let us help

Holder’s Total Security has installed countless security enhancements. Therefore, reduce the risk of a door being kicked in by hiring Holder’s to help you with a Door Devil.

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Learn more about Door Devil at the Door Devil website.