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Three-S Security Planning

To organize our ideas about security, let’s try “words that start with S.” This three-S security planning is just a way build safety with a structured approach:

  1. Sight: Your eyes are everywhere.
  2. Strength: Walls are too tough to break.
  3. Smart: You outfoxed the bad guys.


In what ways do you have eyes on your property and people?

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You can see potential bad guys stepping onto your property, standing on your porch or outside a window. There might even be someone at the back door.

But, as long as you see them, they cannot catch you off guard, and you can alert authorities.

Your naked eye does not have to do all the work. With technology, many tools can be your extended eyes. Lights have several advantages. Not only can they reveal activity, but strong lighting creates zones that expose bad guys. Most lighting is simple to install and operate.

Cameras are popular with property owners for good reason. A typical video camera can track with very little daily cost. And, it’s easy to run that video signal down a cable to your central monitoring station. That monitoring can be inside your property, at a remote paid service, or both!

Microphones and vibration sensors also extend your senses and empower your security. These specialized tools can be very useful.

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In what ways are your wall so tough?

Holder's Total Security - home and business - Tulsa OK - Security planning

Inserting a barrier between you and your family and the bad guys is one of the oldest defenses in human history. Walls and doors can be reinforced with extra thickness or strong materials. Metals themselves come in “hardened” varieties designed especially for security. Security experts at Holder’s Total Security can explain the ANSI grading system that rates lock toughness.

Using extra-thick material is generally impractical. Most property owners prefer metal and wood combinations. In rare cases, there are bullet-proof solutions.

“Toughness” may be defined as making access difficult for reasons like distance. If you place your lights or cameras 30 feet high, a thief will struggle to get close enough to reach or disable it.

So, this distance method is a good example of security planning. As you look around the area you wish to protect, ask yourself what would make a task difficult to complete. Then consider how that difficulty might be applied to your security procedure. A noisy alarm attracts so much attention, the intruder flees to avoid detection.

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In what ways are you outfoxing the bad guys?

Holder's Total Security - home and business - Tulsa OK - Security planning

There is special pride in accomplishment for people who outfox the bad guys. If a crook is watching to see if you failed to close the door completely … Oops, no; you already thought of that. You installed a door closer. A crook looking for a house with junk lying around passes you by, because your yard is tidy. You also got together with a locksmith to make sure your property is safe.

Here’s a good idea that is also simple. Installing timed lights creates the impression that you are at home. Also giving out misleading signals, what about removing hiding places? Trees have a wide section where branches and foliage emerge, called the “crown.” If you prune your trees so the wide section is high off the ground, thieves cannot hide behind foliage.

Much of avoiding crime is about anticipating criminal behavior. You can sit with your family and think of things the bad guys might try, then think of a way to stop them. Also, ask yourselves: What attracts bad guys? What are innocent things you do each day that might make your home or business attractive to a crook?

More friends: less crime

Being a good neighbor is security planning

Speaking of talking to people, how well do you know your neighbors? If you make friends with them, they can keep an eye on your home when you are gone. Be sure to return the favor! More friends means less crime.

Last but not least: Research!
Go to a search engine like Google.com or DuckDuckGo.com to search “how to outsmart a burglar” (click here)

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