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Detection is Protection

Sharpening your eagle eye

Effective security may rely on how well you detect the abnormal. Using simple methods, you can see your home or business needs like an eagle.

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Things can “go wrong” every day: Unexpected salesman at the door, unfamiliar kids in the back yard, fishy phone calls, lawn mower not in the spot where you left it. Even the postman running late. Yes, these might show that something is about to be taken from you. A quick distraction, and that expensive phone or tablet may become stolen property.

And for businesses? The business person may notice someone hanging around for no clear reason. He or she may notice scratches on the back door in the vicinity of the lock plate. Was someone tampering with access points? Those who commit illegal actions seek opportunities.

Be on the alert

At Holder’s we have heard some stories about how it went down. The person who was a crime victim sensed that something was not right. Something did not fit. Everyone has felt that way at some time. We have our internal detectors.

When you or I notice something that might be alarming, how do we reach that decision? There is a rhythm and a pattern to our daily schedules. The familiar place of work, or the place where our family resides. We notice when something changes.

Holder's Total Security - home and business - Tulsa OK

We notice when something odd shows up. And, we notice when something we are accustomed to is gone. When you walk outside to where you parked your car, won’t you be surprised if the car is not there? Of course! And also upset!

This is how your internal “eagle eye” works. It is on the alert for danger; danger to one’s self, or to our loved ones, or our property. Once you see that danger, then you can deal with it. So, let’s focus on ways to assist that detection.

Ask a professional

The folks at Holder’s Total Security understand what you’re dealing with. Our selection of surveillance and detection systems is available to you. This includes ways to deal with hazards like CO (carbon monoxide gas) and fire. Here are links to related topics …


Tools for citizens

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Tools to detect include cameras both still and video, or motion sensors. All are threat prevention. They are a response to those who want to deprive you of your personal property. They help block thievery. That’s why there is a detection system for almost any setting.

Does a keypad detect? It can. If an intruder tries to guess the keypad combination and does not know it, the keypad will refuse entry. It may even set off an alarm if someone keeps trying out many incorrect combinations.

You could describe security methods like locks and safes as barriers. Whereas, the things we’re talking about now are detectors.

The challenge ahead

Is it tough to detect? You bet it is! People want to enjoy what they are doing. They want to relax, not worry about crime.

Your mind is normally focused on taking care of business and pursuing your daily to-do list. It’s normal for some details to slip past. The point here is to reduce the amount of human errors. We want to detect the urgent items and ignore the rest.

There is a property crime occurring every 4.1 seconds. In 2017, there were an estimated 7,694,086 property crime offenses in the nation.
—Federal Bureau of Investigation (

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