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Modern security vs old security methods?

Modern security vs old security is usually a false comparison. The real question when shopping for security products is complex vs simple. Some might even say it is a matter of electronic vs mechanical. Allow us to develop this idea for you.

Is electronic always better? Especially choosing security products?

There is innovation in the world of security just as there is in other parts of our community. Innovation presents new and interesting solutions. You can build a custom solution…

First, ask which security “menu items” are appropriate to your situation: Which are a better fit? Second, ask how various levels of complexity help you?


Looking over modern security vs old security

Consider this idea: New security ideas are more items on the menu. Starting with your home or business, go over the menu to find the best possible solutions for your needs.

The first security tools in human history were probably fences, followed by better doors and windows. To their credit, many skilled people from different walks of life worked on these problems: Carpenters, stone masons and much more.

We have come a long way to computers, blue tooth, wi-fi, and the internet. So, now it’s time to get to the details of modern security vs old security. Let’s take some time to look over the new and expanded security menu:


Simple (padlocks and combination locks):

Pros: Cheap and easy to install.

Cons: Really simple locks are prone to physical destruction by thieves, or they can be easily picked.


Pros: Take advantage of simple-lock strengths and build on those.

Cons: Digital locks inevitably more expensive, and may require setup such as installing your own password.



Pros: Stamped out of a single piece of durable metal. Design has stood the test of time.

Cons: Easy to copy by the good guys; easy to copy by the bad guys.


Pros: Difficult-to-produce designs increase customer confidence.

Cons: Easy to drop or misplace. Expensive to replace.


Simple (drawers, lock boxes, cabinets):

Pros: Six flat sides of metal will slow down the lazier thieves, or at least send a message: Private.

Cons: A hacksaw or heavy hammer will break this open.


Pros: Superior materials in construction, more challenging opening mechanism, and (in some models) disguised function.

Cons: More expensive, as is usually the case. Customers must learn to use enhanced features.

SAFES – modern security vs old security

Simple (another type of box but much tougher):

Pros: After hundreds of years, the basic concept of a heavy metal box with a built-in lock is still popular. A good safe is the classic tough nut: thick walls and byzantine locking systems. Plus they have a cool “look.”

Cons: Weight when shipping, weight when moving around, remembering the combination.


Pros: Thieves very likely to be discouraged by the combination of a square boulder and a computer designed lock. Extra details like fireproofing are extra peace of mind. Add heavy-duty high-reliability locks and you have a lifetime investment.

Cons: Electronic locks may have a steep learning curve. Also: Weight, shipping, remembering the combination.

Examples at Holder’s | Commercial OR Residential



Pros: A solid-core door is only effective if the frame is just as sturdy, so don’t forget!

Cons: Most people forget about the frame part of this equation; again and again.


Pros: Features like full or partial metal construction, and high security windows.

Cons: A heavy door needs a carefully designed hinge mechanism. And look out for chilren’s little fingers.


Simple: Even a basic wood or chain-link fence effectively marks the property line. It also sends a signal; stay on your side.

Pros: Commonly available almost everywhere and nearly infinite options.

Cons: Weather wear can take a toll: rust or rot after several years.


Pros: Taller, stronger, colored to blend in, along with other options.

Cons: Higher cost for both materials and installation.



Pros: One of the oldest ways to discourage evil-doers: More light.

Cons: Most bulbs easy to smash or shoot out. Require constant electricity.


Pros: New LED bulbs are incredibly efficient at generating bright light. A good example of modern security vs old security.

Cons: Years after entering the market, LED bulbs are barely price-competitive with older options.



Pros: Simple ideas like security windows and peep holes are considered “passive” technology, but they remain very popular for many reasons, such as low cost.

Cons: Simple solutions may be less effective in low-light conditions, and they often have a limited angle of view.


Pros: Video cameras have exploded in popularity since their introduction on the market long ago. As a bonus, their signal can easily be fed over the internet for remote monitoring.

Cons: Cost of purchase and installation can be high, especially in applications where multiple cameras are needed and/or each camera requires a higher-resolution capacity. Requires a constant flow of electricity.

Holder’s video surveillance products | Commercial OR Residential



Pros: Access control devices like keypads–for example–are a familiar interface for most people. And, a keypad “talks” to internal electronics that can manage as many features as you want to budget. It’s flexible.

Cons: Needing to remember a password, Access control devices are moderately more expensive than a metal key.


Pros: Wi-Fi access control are more complex and can utilize the internet. They are feature rich and often very convenient For example, you can use the smart phone in your pocket to interact with your home security.

Cons: More expensive, and more devices that need to be connected. Some owners have discovered that criminals can “hack” into their devices and see or hear what owners are doing in daily life. Requires a constant flow of electricity.


Security products at Holder’s:

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Simple data collection about environment:

Pros: Research on general safety of locations, and local trends in crime, often low cost to acquire.

Cons: Step learning curve for anyone wanting to gain these skills.


Pros: Advanced software and databases can predict trends in crime with reasonable accuracy.

Cons: Typically expensive, and may be difficult to “sell” to some members of your management team.


Cooperation may be your best fallback security system. Getting to know your neighbors means that you can keep an eye on each other’s property. More friends means more security! Think about people starting funds online to help families deal with tragedies or disasters? Those were handled by friendly strangers!

Door functions – ANSI grading

“Locksets come in many variant types, each appropriate to a particular use. Lockset manufacturers may describe a lockset product in terms of how a door is operated by a user, while ANSI/BHMA assign standard alphanumeric codes to the function of a lockset. For accurate and precise descriptions, the standard function code should be used when specifying a lockset.”

Closet door
May use a lockset consisting of two operating handles, both of which are never locked. A cylindrical mechanism lockset on such a door would be given the ANSI code F75, a mortised lockset F01.

A lockset for such a door typically includes a provision to lock from the inside, preserving the privacy of the occupant, along with a means of unlocking from the outside in case of emergency (lockset F76B/F19).

Office Door
A typical use case occurs upon departing the office: the user pushes a button on the inside handle, locking the door, then pulls the door shut behind. The door must now be opened with a key. The F82(F04) function works for this case.

Server Room
For enhanced security, the addition of a deadbolt is useful. The F88/F09 “Entrance” function allows the door to be locked from the outside with a key, while still allowing people inside to freely leave without a key.

Break Room
Door may be specified as non-locking; the F75/F01 “Passage” function serves the purpose.

Medical Storage Closet
Door should be locked at all times, calling for the F86/F07 “Storeroom” function.

Classroom function
Designated F84/F05, which allows occupants out of the room regardless if the door is locked. In the wake of school shootings, the F110 lockset may be desirable: it allows the outside handle to be locked by using a key on the inside, but still allows occupants free egress.

Door functions list from wikipedia.org


We’re not suggesting you handle your home or business security with a Go Fund Me page. We are saying the basic human desire for joining a group or tribe is a sort of non-mechanical and non-electronic solution. But, this depends on your own sincerity. Please approach your neighbors with genuine good will.

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