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Home Alarm System Success Stories Will Make You Smile

The popularity of home alarm systems says a lot. Wouldn’t you like to know what others have discovered, before you make a decision?

Deciding how to choose a home security system is not easy. But, your safety could be on the line.

Now, bear in mind that your security product provider will help. But you can speed the process and probably get a better result. Just provide some of your own direction.

Let’s get started.

Make a list using this guide to security system features. These will get your mind focused before you talk to a security vendor…

◻ How will your home be better after the system is installed?
◻ How will you or your family feel differently once it is installed?
◻ Are there specific dangers you would like to protect against?
◻ How big is your home, and how many external doorways and windows?
◻ If something activates the alarm, should the result be light and sound, or notification to alarm company?
◻ Do you want “smart” enhancements such as internet connectivity?

Home alarm system creates more smiles

Criminals admit being stopped by alarms

“People make it so easy for burglars to victimize them.” said former burglar Chris Patterson. “You are obviously looking in the window, peeking through the glass in the door to see if there is an alarm box and if it’s armed. … Maybe half the time it’s not even armed.”

Patterson was interviewed in 2013 by ABC News. He offered a tip on how to avoid becoming a victim…
• Invest in a security system: especially one with cameras. And, please remember to turn it on. Patterson said many people leave the house and forget to arm their system.

Match Home alarm system to your own residence

SafeHome.org has conducted a large amount of home security study industry leader. Conclusion?

“Not every product is right for every home, but our work has convinced us that home security products improve the safety of the average family and increase peace of mind for those who use them. You don’t have to take our word for it. Academic studies have repeatedly shown that the obvious presence of home security systems deter property criminals. In one survey, 60 percent of would-be burglars said they’d think twice about hitting a home with a security system.”—SafeHome.org

No-smile alternative: No home alarm system at all

SafeHome pulled federal statistics and concluded property crimes add up to a huge financial and emotional toll for those who fall victim.

“In 2019 alone, American homes and businesses sustained nearly $13 billion worth of damage or loss from burglaries and other types of theft,” they said. “This report examines more than a dozen years of data from local, state, and federal law enforcement. In addition, we independently surveyed thousands of Americans about the impact of property crime and interviewed police burglary detectives.”

QUOTES from Holder Total Security.–BOB RUDD

About Holder Security “Been to a few Locksmiths in town recently. I was not impressed with most except this one far exceeded my expectations. They know how to provide quality customer service and truly take the time to go the extra mile to solve any problems in a timely, cost effective manner. They have enough experienced staff to handle multiple customers at one time. Located in central Tulsa, off the main road but easy to find.”—Jacki L., Tulsa, OK (Yelp.com)


Save money on a home alarm system

“But if only I could afford it”

People whose security system has succeeded don’t have to file a police report to list all the stolen items. They don’t have contact their insurance company for that lengthy process. The money saved on all those hassles help your alarm pay for itself.

Save Time

Although some folks like to install complicated electronics themselves, consider hiring a professional who knows about home security systems. The installation will go much faster. When it is complete, you won’t be worrying about detail left undone. Reduce your ‘gotchas’! Especially consider hiring someone local. An installation tech who lives or works in your area is already knowledgeable about many aspects of your home and neighborhood. This saves a lot of time.

There’s no reason to be climbing up on ladders to add security lights, or trying to find the right tools to add cameras, or add sensors to windows and doors! A pro tech will wrap this up for you.

Existing Holder customer

Family outside their home protected by home alarm system - Holder Security Tulsa OK

“The are very helpful on what we needed to keep our family safe. Service is top notch.”–Deanna McClure on Facebook


With an installed new or upgraded home alarm system, it’s time to reap the rewards of choosing strong security system features. Sit down. Kick back. Your mind is free to go elsewhere: Plans for the weekend or evening? Happiness is first a choice.

You’ll be more comfortable inside the house, knowing all is secure. Listening to the sounds of kids out playing in the neighborhood: Dogs barking and cars driving down the street.

In addition to a safe home, reasons to relax

  • Here are some tips so you can start thinking of positive thoughts every day.
  • Be Thankful You Woke up This Morning.
  • You Don’t Have to Listen to Haters.
  • Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.
  • You Must Take a Chance.
  • Accept That Things End.
  • Don’t Judge Others.
  • Don’t do Things for Others That Make You Unhappy.
  • Don’t Like Your Job?

List courtesy of LifeHack link at https://www.lifehack.org/880735/positive-thought-of-the-day

Your home will shine a little more with better security, even if only in your eyes. When you get home at the end of the day, and pull up in the driveway, you look at your entrance knowing the house is safe and secure.

You are not the only one concerned about household safety. Your spouse certainly has concerns, even if the two of you have not talked about this at length. If you have children, you know that they are very sensitive to the feeling of grown-ups.

You’d like for your neighbors and friends to admire your success, right? If you figured out how to choose a home security system, your decision making becomes a model for others. After you have had this installed for a while, you can share what you learned with folks you know. Your success can be passed on to the people who are important to you. Don’t be surprised to find out that people talk about your ingenuity.

Set safety as your target

Life without fear of intrusion or attack is a goal. We can’t predict exactly if or when someone may try to enter our homes without permission. This is especially true if we are out of town, and our home is empty. Modern technology can help. A home alarm system is like a guard dog, except way more sophisticated in how it responds to suspicious events. With a more secure home, you have more time to admire this beautiful world and enjoy the sunshine.

And don’t forget privacy: The internet economy has introduced concerns about keeping your private information safe from strangers.

External resources about home safety and privacy


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