Improve Your Home’s Security with Deadbolt Locks

Why have Deadbolt Locks Installed? Having deadbolt locks installed on the exterior doors of your home is essential to lowering your chances of having a break-in. Over 60% of the homes burglarized each year in the United States involve a forced entry, where a door is forced or kicked open. A deadbolt lock provides a much […]

Gun Safes

Our inventory of American Security gun safes come with a lifetime warranty that covers damage caused by fire and theft.
Whatever your needs for a gun safe, Holder’s Total Security offers products that fit them.

The ANSI Grading System For Door Locks

The first step in choosing proper locks for your needs is understanding the grading system put into place by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Here’s a closer look at what each grade means.

Three-S Security Planning

To organize our ideas about security, let’s try “words that start with S.” This three-S security planning is just a way build safety with a structured approach: Sight: Your eyes are everywhere. Strength: Walls are too tough to break. Smart: You outfoxed the bad guys. Sight In what ways do you have eyes on your […]

Medeco Security Center

Medeco Security Center 1. Medeco® manufactures cylinders which use keys that must be made on special key cutting machines. These machines must be capable of reproducing the angled cuts and critical tolerances necessary to reproduce a workable key. 2. Medeco® sells its high quality, precision-machined cylinders and locks only to Professional Security Industries such as; […]

Staying Secure When You Move

The summer is a popular time for buying and selling houses and moving for many families. Without taking the proper precautions, however, a new home can be extremely vulnerable to criminals. Follow these tips to stay safe.