2GIG Edge Organizes Smart Survival Features In Your ‘Castle’

What is the best “smart” home security system? “Smart” products are connected to the internet. This opens up many features for use in home or business. These smart features include: If your doorbell has a camera included, it can automatically send photos or video to your smartphone. A smart lock does not require a key, […]

6 Tips to protect your smart home devices

Protect your phone and family Secure and protect your smart home devices. What is a “smart” product? Examples: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink Hub 2, Samsung SmartThings Hub, and more. Smart products let you: Control household appliances with your phone! The same applies to your security system, if it is in the smart category. So, […]

Home Alarm System Success Stories Will Make You Smile

The popularity of home alarm systems says a lot. Wouldn’t you like to know what others have discovered, before you make a decision? Deciding how to choose a home security system is not easy. But, your safety could be on the line. Now, bear in mind that your security product provider will help. But you […]

Holder’s Tulsa service area makes security more convenient

Holder’s Service Area in Tulsa and the surrounding area If you live outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, we can usually send a service technician most anywhere in Northeast Oklahoma. Customer need shapes our service area. Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Jenks, Owasso, Skiatook, Glenpool, Coweta, Claremore and others are all in the Tulsa metropolitan service […]

Modern security vs old security methods?

Modern security vs old security is usually a false comparison. The real question when shopping for security products is complex vs simple. Some might even say it is a matter of electronic vs mechanical. Allow us to develop this idea for you. Is electronic always better? Especially choosing security products? There is innovation in the […]

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Three-S Security Planning

To organize our ideas about security, let’s try “words that start with S.” This three-S security planning is just a way build safety with a structured approach: Sight: Your eyes are everywhere. Strength: Walls are too tough to break. Smart: You outfoxed the bad guys. Sight In what ways do you have eyes on your […]

Security systems; back to basics

Everyone wants security. Whether we are at work or at home, being safe is part of being happy. Knowing security systems are in place and doing their job helps us. We don’t have to constantly be on guard. Technology and DIY can spare us the trouble of constantly being vigilant. So, whether your system uses […]

8 Ways to instantly reveal the hidden truth with video surveillance?

Who protects your business 24/7? The days of low-res video surveillance systems are over. The latest cameras are smaller, provide better images, and are more affordable video surveillance in business. A greater sense of security: Video surveillance system protects your property every day of the year. Tell Holders your budget, and we will help you […]

Time Access Safes

Timed Access Cash Controller (TACC) safes are a easy to use cash dispensing and receipt drop system, that have been proven to reduce the risk of internal theft or robbery. Come see us to learn more.

Commercial Locks

Holder’s Total Security is a full service locksmith company that can care for all of your lock needs. We have Medeco® High security locks with total key control and carry a large selection of deadbolts, lever locks, knob locks, keyless entry and more

Holder’s Commercial Security Alarms

Secure your business with an alarm system tailored to fit your unique needs. Click here to learn how Holder’s Security offers 24/7 protection with state of the art security tech.

Video Surveillance

See everything that goes on in and around your business with Holder’s video surveillance system

Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Are security systems expensive? Let’s say you live somewhere with frequent storms, and you want a good flashlight. So, when the power goes out, you’ll have light for several hours. Would you by a cheap flashlight for $5 and hope it works, or buy a good one for $15 that […]