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8 Reasons A Locksmith Is An Investment

Has Specialized Knowledge A Holder’s locksmith has in-depth knowledge of locking/security systems, various manufacturers, and also using the correct tools to do the job. When you hire a pro, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your home or business is secure. Faster Than Trying To Figure It Out Yourself If you are […]

Detection is Protection

Sharpening your eagle eye Effective security may rely on how well you detect the abnormal. Using simple methods, you can see your home or business needs like an eagle. Things can “go wrong” every day: Unexpected salesman at the door, unfamiliar kids in the back yard, fishy phone calls, lawn mower not in the spot […]

Three-S Security Planning

To organize our ideas about security, let’s try “words that start with S.” This three-S security planning is just a way build safety with a structured approach: Sight: Your eyes are everywhere. Strength: Walls are too tough to break. Smart: You outfoxed the bad guys. Sight In what ways do you have eyes on your […]

Security systems; back to basics

Everyone wants security. Whether we are at work or at home, being safe is part of being happy. Knowing security systems are in place and doing their job helps us. We don’t have to constantly be on guard. Technology and DIY can spare us the trouble of constantly being vigilant. So, whether your system uses […]

Block residential kick-in burglaries

Strong Home Security has many “layers” as possible to make your property a challenging target. For every degree of difficulty you add to the burglar’s task, the more likely he will look elsewhere for an easy target. Key Door Devil features: instantly upgrades standard residential doorways to the approximate strength of metal commercial doorways able […]

Guard Dog vs. Home Alarm System – Alarm System Wins!

Have you been thinking about getting a large dog to protect your home? Do you believe the dog you already have will protect your home? If so, you need to reconsider. Dogs are great for companionship but they are not a viable replacement for having a monitored home security system installed in your home. Not […]

Convicted Burglars Say Alarm Systems Deter Break-ins

As a homeowner, you might think a fast response time is the most effective measure in stopping a burglary. However, an alarm company cannot guarantee a quick response from police, but having an alarm system can be key to thwarting a burglary. The truth is, most security companies respond to alarms in approximately the same timeframe. […]

8 Benefits of Access Control Systems

*Not* what you expected? Try these related: Access Control Business Surveillance Alarm Lifespan Mass-Produced Locks Gun Safes Residential Locksmith Surveillance Fails Commercial Locks Before listing the reasons to have an Access Control System, let Holder’s Total Security first explain what one is and how it works. “Access Control” is an electronic means of restricting access […]

8 Advantages of Video Surveillance in Business

You’ve probably noticed that video surveillance cameras are in businesses everywhere. Fast food restaurants, clothing stores, banks, parking lots, and tons of other public places all seem to use video surveillance to help safeguard property. These days, simply locking the doors is not enough to protect everything. If you’ve been considering a video surveillance system […]