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COVID-19 an airborne intruder

Assessing threat levels; likelihood of harm? COVID-19 risks; how likely are they to happen? READ MORE… Not coming in, or going out, or transmitted among folks What home security measures block COVID-19? What if the “criminal” you want to stop is not a person? What if the criminal is a potentially fatal virus? You beloved […]

Modern security vs old security methods?

Modern vs old is usually a false comparison. The real question when shopping for security products is complex vs simple. Some might even say it is a matter of electronic vs mechanical. Allow us to develop this idea for you. Is electronic always better? Especially choosing security products? There is innovation in the world of […]

Key and lock EMERGENCIES

“Oh my god we’re locked out of our property!!” Well, no one wants this headache. That’s a worst-case scenario: Early in the morning and customers will soon show up, and you can’t get into your business. Or, just got home from a long trip and the front door is stuck. Or, your storage shed key […]

5 ways to win at choosing a lock box

Lock boxes big and small A safe is the ultimate lock box: Six sides (usually), dark gray or black color, heavy metal construction, inscrutable locking mechanism and too heavy to drag away. But, a “lock box” is a specific product within the “safe” category. Are you confused about lock boxes? Of course not! This is […]

Business security during COVID-19

A news round-up Physical security concerns ▾   Restarting business with security in mind by David Ferbrache Health and safety — the first priority The CISO should ensure they’re looped into conversations between Human Resources, Facilities, Legal and IT to guarantee adequate consideration is given to security and privacy in the new ‘return to the […]

Holder’s response to COVID-19

At Holder’s we want everyone to be safe; both customers and employees. The global COVID-19 pandemic has required us to re-think safety at our business location. We are open regular hours but are currently only running service calls that are emergencies. Our storefront is open but we are limiting the number of people coming in […]

6 Tips to protect your smart home devices

Protect your phone and family Secure and protect your smart home devices. What is a “smart” product? Examples: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink Hub 2, Samsung SmartThings Hub, and more. Smart products let you: Control household appliances with your phone! The same applies to your security system, if it is in the smart category. So, […]

8 Reasons A Locksmith Is An Investment

Has Specialized Knowledge A Holder’s locksmith has in-depth knowledge of locking/security systems, various manufacturers, and also using the correct tools to do the job. When you hire a pro, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your home or business is secure. Faster Than Trying To Figure It Out Yourself If you are […]

Three-S Security Planning

To organize our ideas about security, let’s try “words that start with S.” This three-S security planning is just a way build safety with a structured approach: Sight: Your eyes are everywhere. Strength: Walls are too tough to break. Smart: You outfoxed the bad guys. Sight In what ways do you have eyes on your […]

Security systems; back to basics

Everyone wants security. Whether we are at work or at home, being safe is part of being happy. Knowing security systems are in place and doing their job helps us. We don’t have to constantly be on guard. Technology and DIY can spare us the trouble of constantly being vigilant. So, whether your system uses […]

Guard Dog vs. Home Alarm System – Alarm System Wins!

Have you been thinking about getting a large dog to protect your home? Will an alert dog protect your home? If so, please reconsider. Dogs are great for companionship but they are not a viable replacement for having a security system installed in your home. Not only can the professionals here at Holder’s Security help […]

Convicted Burglars Say Alarm Systems Deter Break-ins

As a homeowner, you might think a fast response time is the most effective measure in stopping a burglary. However, an alarm company cannot guarantee a quick response from police, but having an alarm system can be key to thwarting a burglary.  The truth is, most security companies respond to alarms in approximately the same […]

8 Benefits of Access Control Systems [ Video x2 ]

Before listing the benefits of Access Control Systems, let us first explain what that is and how it works. “Access Control” is an electronic means of restricting access to a building or designated area, like a restricted room. It may include doors into a building, access to certain areas within a building, or even access […]

8 Advantages of Video Surveillance Systems for Business  [+video]

Who protects your business 24/7? The days of low-res video surveillance systems are over. The latest cameras are smaller, provide better images, and are more affordable video surveillance in business. A greater sense of security: Video surveillance system protects your property every day of the year. Tell Holders your budget, and we will help you […]