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Home Alarm System Success Stories Will Make You Smile

The popularity of home alarm systems says a lot. Wouldn’t you like to know what others have discovered, before you make a decision? Deciding how to choose a home security system is not easy. But, your safety could be on the line. Now, bear in mind that your security product provider will help. But you […]

2GIG Edge Organizes Smart Survival Features In Your ‘Castle’

What is the best “smart” home security system? “Smart” products are connected to the internet. This opens up many features for use in home or business. These smart features include: If your doorbell has a camera included, it can automatically send photos or video to your smartphone. A smart lock does not require a key, […]

Alarm System Champ Dominates Old Dog — Key to Unlocking Home Safety

Have you been thinking about getting a large dog to protect your home? Will an alert dog protect your home? If so, please reconsider. Dogs are great for companionship but they are not a viable replacement for having a security system installed in your home. Not only can the professionals here at Holder’s Security help […]

Convicted Burglars Say Alarm Systems Deter Break-ins

As a homeowner, you might think a fast response time is the most effective measure in stopping a burglary. However, an alarm company cannot guarantee a quick response from police, but having an alarm system can be key to thwarting a burglary.  The truth is, most security companies respond to alarms in approximately the same […]