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6 clues it’s time to call a locksmith

How many times in a typical day do you think about a locksmith? Probably none. But if you got home from a trip, and the front door would not open, how quickly would you think about a locksmith? Two seconds? Yep. This is not to discourage people who like to solve their own problems. Do-it-yourself […]

Modern security vs old security methods?

Modern security vs old security is usually a false comparison. The real question when shopping for security products is complex vs simple. Some might even say it is a matter of electronic vs mechanical. Allow us to develop this idea for you. Is electronic always better? Especially choosing security products? There is innovation in the […]

Key and lock EMERGENCIES

“Oh my god we’re locked out of our property!!” Well, no one wants this headache. That’s a worst-case scenario: Early in the morning and customers will soon show up, and you can’t get into your business. Or, just got home from a long trip and the front door is stuck. Or, your storage shed key […]

5 ways to win at choosing a lock box

Lock boxes big and small A safe is the ultimate lock box: Six sides (usually), dark gray or black color, heavy metal construction, inscrutable locking mechanism and too heavy to drag away. But, a “lock box” is a specific product within the “safe” category. Are you confused about lock boxes? Of course not! This is […]

Improve Your Home’s Security with Deadbolt Locks

Why have Deadbolt Locks Installed? Deadbolt locks installed on exterior doors of your home is essential to lowering your chances of having a break-in. More than 60% of the homes burglarized each year in the United States involve a forced entry, where a door is forced or kicked open. A deadbolt lock provides a much stronger […]

The ANSI Grading System For Door Locks

The first step in choosing proper locks for your needs is understanding the grading system put into place by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Here’s a closer look at what each grade means.