Call Holder's Security
Call Holder's Security

Security systems; back to basics

Everyone wants security. Whether we are at work or at home, being safe is part of being happy. Knowing security systems are in place and doing their job helps us. We don’t have to constantly be on guard. Technology and DIY can spare us the trouble of constantly being vigilant. So, whether your system uses […]

Block residential kick-in burglaries

Strong Home Security has many “layers” as possible to make your property a challenging target. For every degree of difficulty you add to the burglar’s task, the more likely he will look elsewhere for an easy target. Key Door Devil features: instantly upgrades standard residential doorways to the approximate strength of metal commercial doorways able […]

Improve Your Home’s Security with Deadbolt Locks

Why have Deadbolt Locks Installed? Having deadbolt locks installed on the exterior doors of your home is essential to lowering your chances of having a break-in. Over 60% of the homes burglarized each year in the United States involve a forced entry, where a door is forced or kicked open. A deadbolt lock provides a much […]