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Commercial Fire Alarm

Break-ins and burglaries aren’t the only potential disasters threatening your business. Fires damage numerous businesses every year, and when left empty and unmonitored, a fire threatens to destroy your entire facility. Our commercial fire alarm systems provide detection and alert systems that will protect your business and your inventory by alerting the proper authorities when smoke and excessive temperatures are present. This enables any present personnel to evacuate safely, and the fire to be extinguished before any major damage can occur. Intelligent commercial fire alarm systems from Holder’s Total Security eliminate the need to change smoke detector batteries and can alert you to any potential problems with the system.

Commercial Fire Alarm Sprinkler

Our commercial fire alarm systems integrate with your business’s security system to allow for remote management and ease of use. In addition to protecting your business from fire, our alarms are also able to monitor for:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Flood
  • Freezes
  • Sprinkler system malfunctions

Holder’s Total Security can provide you with peace of mind knowing your fire alarm will alert you of any danger, whether you are on or off the property, ensuring that your employees and your assets are safe.

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