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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are security systems expensive?
Let’s say you live somewhere with frequent storms, and you want a good flashlight. So, when the power goes out, you’ll have light for several hours. Would you by a cheap flashlight for $5 and hope it works, or buy a good one for $15 that includes a guarantee of four hours of light?

Your security system does not just protect your property. If also protects your personal safety. It keeps your family secure.

Can I use my smart phone app to control the alarm system?
Yes. We can show you “smart” systems that will respond to remote controls such as an app on your phone. We can also explain how to keep such devices secure. There are also ways to make such products work with Google and Amazon Alexa.

What happens if I’m inside the home/business when my alarm goes off?
If you did not accidentally trigger the alarm, call 911 and wait for police to arrive. After they have handled the situation, have a family meeting to make sure everyone understands what happened. Remember that young children are often very sensitive to your sense of urgency; they may need reassurance.

Some commercial systems may require that you first call a security office instead.

Is the equipment that you install proprietary?
No. Unlike some national security companies, your Holder Total Security systems and equipment may be serviced and monitored freely.

Do you install both commercial and residential products?
Yes. We are a full-service security company offering products for all types of structures. We can also advise you on your security situation and any long-range planning.

If you’re interested in an Access Control System, especially in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma, give us a call. Please feel free to browse HOLDERSECURITY.COM for more information.

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